And so, this the first story arc comes to a close.

This is by far the furthest I’ve gone with ANY personal project. Personally, I’m quite proud of it; the story had ups and downs, and looking back I would have changed quite a few things, but overall I’m happy with how things turned up and I hope you guys are too.

If you guys want to give any more in-depth criticism, feel free to email me at

Now for the sad new. This was the very END of my buffer. In order to be able to update more frequently, I’ll have to build it back up, which means there’ll unfortunately not be any new pages until mid-2018 (though I’ll keep updating you on the progress and possibly turn the site into more of a “blog” until this the next chapter is ready for publishing)

Until then, be sure to check out these comics to keep yourselves entertained! Richard and Gwyn will be back soon enough!