Aaaand we’re back

First off all, I’m apologise for not having kept you guys up to date on the chapter progress as I had originally intended. This chapter proved harder to draw than I had anticipated, and so took way longer than the expected 10 weeks.

While I might once upon a time been able to keep up the schedule; I started drawing this comic while in college and only had a junior position at my current work by the time Book 1 ended.

Within the last year(s),  I have been focusing quite a bit more on my career and e also become more social than I was in college, and I have also put a lot more time on personal fitness. All these things ate away my drawing time.

However, this chapter will update with no interruptions, and I intend for the next chapter to do the same

Second; as it’s been a while, I recommend you read back to at least Page 7  to remember the setup of the battle, I think this will make the chapter more enjoyable to read

Now enjoy the rest of the story!