And now we reach the end of Chapter 7, I hope you all enjoyed!

Now this was was pretty hard chapter to draw. I had just moved to the UK when the chapter started, and so it was challenging to keep up with this and my new job. Not only that, but there’s also a LOT of people in each page, which then they’re wearing chain mail and a lot of leather straps takes a while to draw. Still, thanks to everyone who leaves the occasional comment every week; it’s really encouraging tot know people enjoy it

Chapter 8 will unfortunately start again on May 22nd, as I have to build up my buffer again, and will be the final chapter of this story arc so mark than on your calendars!

And happy (late) Saint George’s Day to all my English,  Czech, Spanish, and other readers I might have forgotten.

EDIT: Edited the dialogue to point out that Liudolf’s sword if made of steel instead of iron, as would likely be more fitting to a wealthy warrior. You can argue weather or not the iron in steel should still count, but for Gwyn’s sake I’ll say it doesn’t