And thus concludes The Elf Prince’s curse.

Now for the bad news, the reason I’ve been hesitant to post this page is because I don’t think I have in me to continue this story.
What it comes down to is that these pages feel like they take me forever to finish and I still end up somewhat dissatisfied with half of them because I dislike the colours. I felt confident about the story, but idea of drawing another 7 chapters to finish this arc just seems daunting for me, especially as my daughter was born last month (so SOME good news for me!) and I don’t feel like I can keep up any schedule at least in the near future.
So, for the time being this webcomic is on indefinite hiatus. I don’t know when or if I will return, I do have some pages of the next chapter finished but am unsure when/if I’ll finish that. I wouldn’t want to stop drawing, but if I start a new webcomic it will definitely be in black & white as colors take me way too long.

Thank you everyone who’s sticked with TGK for this long, I’m sorry I couldn’t commit to finishing the story.
And I hope you have other webcomics to catch up with on your commute or lunch breaks.